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Drawing residents that are primarily business executives and professionals, Hillsborough was originally developed as a residential haven for San Francisco’s upper echelon who desired a more relaxed and rural living environment. By the World War II era, most of the sprawling original estates had been parceled into smaller lots — still generous acreage by San Francisco standards. 


Residents have staunchly fought to preserve the residential nature of their home, in spite of the area’s magnetism for major developments like a hospital or a $315 million research center. Zoning laws have been consistently and rigidly enforced to offer newcomers the serenity and residential haven that attracted the first residents. Since the ’30s, the minimum lot size has remained a half-acre with a minimum frontage of 150 feet. Beyond the tranquility and natural beauty, one of the primary attractions to Hillsborough is an outstanding school system that has been recognized on every level for excellence in education.
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