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Portola Valley


Ranked among the nation’s wealthiest towns and cited by American Demographics as one of the “smartest” in terms of higher education attainment, Portola Valley is nestled in a verdant and golden glen. Development has been much slower here than that experienced by most  Bay Area communities, allowing the town to preserve the same rustic atmosphere that made it so appealing to large landowners from San Francisco who arrived decades ago. Secluded within the valley are the natural treasures of rolling hills, fresh air, the serenade of birds, and sprawling open space.


During the expansion that followed World War II, residents were determined to protect the charm and grandeur of their home. Concerted efforts were made to maintain low density housing, protect the valley’s natural beauty, and balance the development of estates and ranch-style homes with a pastoral atmosphere. Most newcomers to the area would agree that these objectives have been admirably met. Portola Valley continues to support its environmental and historic heritage, excellent public schools, and a town government that includes a multitude of generous volunteers.
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